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Steinbach Chamber Member Human Resource Contacts

Looking for more detailed information on HR practices? Please contact one of our HR consultant members.

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Social Media & E-Commerce Webinar Videos – WTC Winnipeg

The following Social Media and E-Commerce webinar videos are provided free of charge by the World Trade Centre Winnipeg.

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Leading Growth, Connecting People – Steinbach Chamber Advocacy Efforts

Together with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, we continue to be the voice of business in our community at all levels of government. The following outlines some of the many efforts and adaptations we implemented to help the business community in the Eastman region navigate through this crisis with resilience.

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Restoring Safe Services

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Steinbach Chamber President Releases Response Statement to Anti-Mask Rally

We must use discernment in how we exercise our freedom, and I suggest that it is our responsibility to exercise our freedom in productive ways.

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COVID-19 Tools & Resources

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Show Your Support – Why Local?

We recognize businesses continue to be impacted in a significant way as a result of COVID, especially now during the holiday season. It is our sincere hope that the Show Your Support campaign has a direct and immediate impact for our businesses.

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