Posted December 15, 2020| Post By Michelle Bezditny

Show Your Support – Why Local?

This week, the Show Your Support campaign was launched by the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce.

We recognize businesses continue to be impacted in a significant way as a result of COVID, especially now during the holiday season. It is our sincere hope that the Show Your Support campaign has a direct and immediate impact on our businesses.

This campaign also aims to educate and encourage people in our region to continue to support the local businesses that give back to our community. You don’t have to look far to recognize how our local businesses have invested in our city and neighbouring communities. Walk through the T.G. Smith Centre and notice the sponsorship banners that line the walls. Our Summer In The City festival, which includes Arts and Culture, is massively supported by our local businesses. Business leaders are the ones driving the development of the Southeast Event Centre, and the Caring Together Campaign (coordinated by Bethesda Foundation) is driven by local business. Personal care home and surgical care improvements and expansions are being developed in Steinbach as a result of our local business community.

Although it can be tempting to purchase from online mega stores, it is the Chamber’s hope that this campaign highlights the importance of keeping our dollars in our community by shopping and supporting local – now during the Christmas season and well into the future. Local businesses are more than just a place to shop – they are a part of the community’s backbone. They employ our family and friends, donate to sports teams and charities, and invest in the community in so many other ways. On behalf of the Steinbach Chamber Board of Directors and staff, we strongly encourage everyone to get involved and support one another – the true spirit of Christmas!

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development and Training Minister, Ralph Eichler for committing ongoing resources to help protect Manitoba business.



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