Posted November 30, 2022

Steinbach Chamber Hires New Executive Director


The Steinbach Chamber’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have hired Gwen Reimer as the new Executive Director for the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce.

Gwen has demonstrated great leadership in her role as Program Director for Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS) over the last three years. It is a natural fit for her to grow into the Executive Director role with the Chamber of Commerce having been at the helm of EIS, the Chamber of Commerce’s largest initiative. EIS’s employment division connects the local newcomer workforce to the business community in the region.

We are confident that the skills and abilities Gwen brings to the organization will help to lead EIS and the Chamber to continued growth and added value to our business members and newcomers to our community.

Gwen is taking over from Michelle Bezditny, who recently took on the position of Director of Economic Development for Steinbach. Working alongside each other, they will continue to move our community forward, in collaboration with local decision-makers and community partners.


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