Posted March 15, 2022

Why Support Local?

#1 Community Character
Local businesses reflect the needs of the community they serve. They offer unique products and services that create a distinctive community. Distinctiveness can also provide an economic advantage.

#2 Community Investment
Business owners live and invest themselves in the communities in which they operate. They have a keen interest in their community’s well-being and future.

#3 Community Support
Local businesses support local causes. They contribute to local charities, support sports teams and clubs, and donate products and services.

#4 Community Prosperity
Money spent with local businesses is re-circulated in the local economy, benefiting the whole community.

#5 Customer Service
Local businesses provide service that matches the needs of their customers. They hire people that are knowledgeable about what is important to the people in the community.

#6 Selection
Local businesses can offer common and unique products and services. Product selection is based on the interests and needs of local customers.

#7 Local Jobs
Local businesses provide jobs for residents and are one of the largest employers nationwide.

#8 Sustainability
Local businesses use local public services to operate, as well as help sustain vibrant town centers.

#9 Local Decision Making
Local ownership ensures that the people who will feel the impacts of important decisions are part of the decision-making process.

#10 Do the Math
Consider gas, meals, shipping fees, traffic and long line ups and avoid all of it by staying local.


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